Boaters: How to Permanently Get Rid of Diesel Odors and Other Boat Odors

March 14th, 2018

“I had some engine work done and there was a small diesel leak from that work. Soon, my whole boat stunk of diesel odor. It seemed to penetrate all the fabrics and I could smell diesel everywhere….I sprayed and fogged PureAyre and I used with detergent to clean all hard surfaces. The diesel odors are gone. Permanently! It worked great! I’m a real satisfied customer.” – Bob McNally in Gig Harbor, WA, USA

PureAyre Marine Formula for boat odors is a unique product in the boating industry. It safely and permanently eliminates diesel, gas, bilge, vomit, head, and other boat odors from your entire boat including the engine bay, head, galley, and cabins.

How it works. You have probably heard of “enzyme” cleaners but don’t be fooled; they don’t have the power and versatility of PureAyre enzyme technology. No other product has the enzymes or the density of enzymes that you get with PureAyre Marine Formula for boaters. Highly specialized PureAyre enzymes attack diesel, gasoline, engine exhaust, and other odors at the molecular level. They break down these petroleum compounds into non-toxic and non-smelling compounds. Use it to get rid of pet, urine, vomit, fecal, and cooking odors from fish, garlic, onions – you name it!

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The same ingredients we use to formulate PureAyre Marine Formula for boat odors is also used in PureAyre for all Pets, PureAyre for your Home, PureAyre for Baby, and PureAyre for Skunk Odors!

  • Safe enough to use around babies and strong enough to use on boat odors!
  • PureAyre is food-grade and is so safe that it cannot harm you even if accidentally swallowed.
  • Safe for fabrics, wood, and painted surfaces.
  • Safe for aquatic life if accidentally spilled into our waterways
  • Strong enough to get rid of all boat odors including stubborn diesel and gas odors

PureAyre for boaters is easy to use.

  • Spray or fog it into air spaces to get rid of air odors.
  • Spray it directly onto hard surfaces and fabrics to get rid of odors that linger there.
  • Add PureAyre to soaps and detergents to clean and deodorize cabinets, floors, carpets, and all other surfaces.
  • Use it in your ultrasonic essential oil diffuser to eliminate odors over hours in your cabins, staterooms, heads, and other enclosed spaces. You can even add your favorite essential oil to the diffuser!

“Because PureAyre for boat odors is safe around children, pets, and food it’s the best way to get rid of odors … in your fridge, coolers, bait boxes, ice boxes, musty wet lockers, and anything else that stinks! It’s the only product I’ve found that eliminates diesel odors …!” – Peggie Hall, author, “How to Get Rid of Boat Odors” (Get it at Amazon.)

Boating Season means Stinky Boat Odors

May 7th, 2011

Boating season starts soon and that means it’s time to eliminate stinky boat odors.

Have you ever felt embarrassed when guests came aboard your spotless boat and were greeted by pungent boat odors – diesel, exhaust, bilge, head smells, and mold/mildew – yuck! You cleaned and cleaned, but you couldn’t get rid of those yucky boat odors. It’s tough because boat odors can hide in the bilge, sink drains, fabric of seat cushions, carpets, and curtains, in the engine bay, and even in galleys and heads.

What can you do?

First, get the boat cleaning bible by author Peggy Hall – “How to Get Rid of Boat Odors.”  Then, stock up on PureAyre Marine Formula odor eliminator. PureAyre Marine Formula is 30% stronger than standard PureAyre formulas to tackle the special density of odors boat owners encounter.

  • Use it to refresh the air immediately.
  • Add it to your carpet cleaning machines to simultaneously clean and deodorize carpets, curtains, and seat cushions.
  • Add it to your pressure washing equipment to clean and deodorize engine bays and bilges.
  • Add it it your sponge bucket to eliminate odors when cleaning hard surfaces.
  • Use it to eliminate stray odors when fixing macerators and all other sanitary systems.
  • Keep a bottle in heads to refresh after use.

It’s easy to safely and permanently eliminate embarrassing boat odors with PureAyre Marine Formula. Now you really can have a happy opening day of boating season!

Are PureAyre formulas the same?

April 3rd, 2011

Hi everyone! I’m getting a lot of questions from customers wondering if all the PureAyre products are the same. And, wondering which one they should buy for their particular odor problem. Well, the good news is that the Home, Pet, and Baby products are identical. The different labels are for marketing purposes only. Would you want to spray your Baby’s diapers with a Pet product?! The Marine Formula is different. PureAyre Marine Formula has 30% more odor fighting enzymes than the standard formula. This was done due to the chemical odors from gasoline, diesel, or engine exhaust that boaters must deal with. However, many of my customers use the Marine Formula for their strong odor problems. It is a bit more expensive but a great value when you need a strong odor killer.

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April 3rd, 2011

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Dogs and Skunk Don’t Mix – Odors Permeate Basement and House

March 15th, 2011

I love the testimonials from customers. Imagine a family’s three dogs mixing it up with a pack of skunks and then bringing them and their skunky smell home! Read this testimonial out of the Kentucky woods.

November 18, 2010

My three dogs and I recently had a too close encounter with two skunks.  We live in the country where skunks are just part of the landscape but never before had any of my dogs taken a direct hit.  My Golden Retriever and my small Shepherd mix had patches of thick yellow skunk oil on their coats.  Residual skunk spray covered my clothes, hair and face. Ugh!

How I wish I had had some PureAyre on hand that first night.  I could have sprayed it in my mouth and nose and saved myself a night of misery.  We cleaned our dogs and ourselves the best we could and that was just the beginning of a very frustrating week.  We brought skunk into the house with us.  We had cleaned the dogs in our partial cellar and the odor penetrated into the crawl space under the house.  The odor came up through the floors and walls and permeated the house.  The skunk oil that we washed down the drain in the cellar coated the pipes and the stink came back every time the sump drained.  We tried different products on the dogs and in the house.  Some masked the odor temporarily and some combined with the skunk odor to create another equally noxious odor.  Nothing worked until my husband talked with Rico at ThePureAyreStore.

He worked with us to get this awesome product overnighted to Kentucky and the night after we first used the PureAyre fogging system we were finally able to sleep in our own bed!

I am a firm believer that some of our best remedies can be found in nature.  PureAye is turning out to be an outstanding organic solution for our tough multi-faceted problem.  It is deodorizing our home, our furniture, our clothes and our dogs.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of a tough odor problem in an environmentally responsible way. [And there is no compromise between strength and safety. PureAyre is both strong AND safe.] Thanks a million PureAyre!

Barbara, Carl, Gypsy, Sadie and Tiny in Kentucky

How to Get Cat Pee Out of Furniture? How About How to Get Cow Urine Smell Out of Horse Stall!

November 10th, 2010
how to get cat pee out of furniture, or cow pee smell out of stall

Getting Cow Urine Smell Out of Stall Same Challenge as Getting Cat Pee Out of Furniture!

Sure, questions like, “How do you get skunk smell out of your house?” or how to get cat pee out of furniture, those are questions you might expect to see when at the PureAyre Odor Eliminator blog.

But what about, “How do you get cow urine smell out of a horse stall?” That was the question—and task—I had to tackle today. And of course PureAyre Odor Eliminator was the answer! It’s the answer to any odor problem! But here’s why my problem was a cow urine problem…

Two months ago we put five beef cows in a horse paddock temporarily. During that time, they had access to a horse stall for cover.

Today I cleaned out the incredibly horribly smelling straw bedding soaked with cow urine, so the horse stall can be fit for horses again. It took me an hour and a half to shovel out the two bales of straw bedding that had been peed on, pooped on, and compacted to the point that I had to chisel out the bottom layer with a flathead shovel. The urine smell was disgusting–overwhelming almost to the point of making my eyes water.

Finally, I had the stall clean…but the urine smell was as strong as ever! It had seeped into the stall mats, and in the two places of floor that were dirt, no mat, the dirt was dark and soaked with urine even though the cows hadn’t been in there for a month.

So I went to the house and got the half gallon of PureAyre Odor Eliminator that I had left. I poured it onto the two dirt spots, then sprinkled it on the rubber mats. I used an old broom to brush it on the mats, back and forth, trying to cover as much surface as possible.

The result? That stall smells better than the one next to it, even though the one next to it never had cow urine in it!

If PureAyre Odor Eliminator can get the smell of cow urine out of a horse stall, PureAyre Odor Eliminator is definitely how to get cat pee out of furniture! If cat urine isn’t the problem and you’re asking, how do you get skunk smell out of your house, then this should show you that PureAyre Odor Eliminator is the answer to that odor problem too!

Make sure you have some on hand for any odor problem that arises!

Hey, Mom! How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell and Save Money on Drycleaning

September 27th, 2010
how to get rid of cigarette smell

How to get rid of cigarette smell without a trip to the cleaners? PureAyre!

My mom loves to go dancing, and it sure keeps her fit! But it also means she ends up in some stinky situations, where people are smoking cigarettes. Then the next day she has more than tired feet to deal with: She has a stinky dress too.

She could take her dress to the drycleaners, but that requires a trip, a wait and a payment. This morning as we were talking, and she said the dress was hanging in her garage because the cigarette smell was so strong, I suggested she simply spray it with PureAyre odor eliminator. (She has two cats, so she has PureAyre on hand to get rid of cat urine smell.)

She’s so used to thinking about PureAyre as her way to get rid of cat urine smell, she didn’t even think how to get rid of cigarette smell with it!

I’ve used PureAyre plenty in the past to get rid of cigarette smell in my clothes after being out, but now that so many public places are non-smoking, it’s not as big a problem as it used to be.

However, I have found that coffee shops leave an odor in my clothes! If I spend any time at a coffee shop working, I will walk out with my computer bag, my coat and sometimes my clothes smelling of coffee…and not in a pleasant way.

But PureAyre gets rid of it with one quick spray on any stinky surface! PureAyre is how to get rid of cigarette smell…but stale coffee shop smell too! And cat urine smell, and skunk smell, and cabbage cooking smell, and… You get the idea.

Buy PureAyre today to have on hand for any stinky smell, and it won’t stink for long!

PureAyre Odor Eliminator Makes the Air—and Life—Bearable Again

July 30th, 2010

Now this is a story…

We get a lot of testimonials and notes of thanks here at PureAyre. That’s because our product really does work. People use it on cigarette odors, as a skunk odor remover for dogs, and to get rid of cat urine smell, as well as many other stinky problems.

But every once in a while, we get a real story of how PureAyre made a huge difference in someone’s life, a story like this one:

“I first began using PureAyre in the late 1990s or early 2000s after suddenly finding myself bothered by many odors. At first they were household odors and odors coming from areas of flooring and walls of the house. First I used standard air fresheners and disinfectant sprays. It became apparent the artificial chemical scents from these sprays only added a new layer of stink to the existing problem and of course toxicity. But after finding PureAyre, I would spray it into various rooms and within minutes…especially with use of ceiling fan…I found rooms to be odor free, having a natural freshness.

“It turns out all my sensitivities are a result of a damaged immune system due to chronic mold exposure (also by not being properly diagnosed nor given correct treatment by my medical care provider) from a new home I purchased in the early 1990s. My home and many others built in this upscale neighborhood were defective: Flawed foundations and grading, as well as substandard materials and installation created an environment to allow mold growth under flooring and in walls.

“Though in good health, fit and trim, when I moved into this house. I soon began to develop bizarre health problems: ringing of the ears, tiny bumps at extremities, rashes at underarms chest then groin, breathing difficulties, then ear nose and throat infections. A health care provider simply indicated unknown allergies, at first prescribing a variety of allergy medications. Then a couple of years later, prescribing antibiotics. Finally I and some neighbors had paramedic rescues within weeks of each other, having similar symptoms of shock due to respiratory and or kidney problems. While others and myself survived, some did die.

“In 2003, my house was gutted sold for salvage, also losing most all contents. I lived in a Marriott Hotel until 2005 when able to purchase another new home. Attempting to start life over again has been very difficult. This society is so toxic often I cannot interact without wearing a carbon mask. And my new home environment is near sterile. I don’t allow any conventional products into my home since they are toxic. Also the air quality in our valley is some of the worst in the nation. I have to battle the air entering my home. There are times when walking into areas of my home, I develop breathing problems as if I have asthma. Once again PureAyre comes to the rescue. Using a FogMaster Jr., I spray PureAyre combined with probiotics (took much research to find the correct probiotics for this use) into these areas of my home. And literally within a few minutes I am breathing free and clear… pleasant fresh air.

“My sincere thanks to the makers of PureAyre.”

PureAyre works. Need I say more?

How to Remove Skunk Smell From a Dog? THIS Question I’m Ready for!

June 30th, 2010
How to remove skunk smell from a dog?

I haven't had to do it yet, but thank goodness I know how to remove skunk smell from a dog, because this dog is destined to get skunked!

I moved to the country two months ago. It took a while for my dog to get used to things. He’s a 90-pound chicken. But as the days and weeks go by, he’s getting braver, wandering farther from home. And that means dealing with the first skunk run-in is only a matter of time.

Last night driving home I went past a stretch of road that stunk of skunk, just a few miles from my house. And again I thought, it’s coming. The day Bear meets his first skunk will be here soon. But I’m not worried, beyond the discomfort of the initial stink when he comes home and I realize what happened.

I’m not worried because I’m well stocked with PureAyre! How to remove skunk smell from a dog? Have this stuff on hand at all times! I have PureAyre handy because for me, it’s as much a necessity as dish soap. I put it in the laundry to get diesel smell out of my man’s clothes, in the litter box to get rid of cat urine smell so I can make the litter last longer, and in the car if something spills. I even sprayed it on someone’s stinky feet this morning! (Not mine.)

So when Bear meets skunk and that all too distinct odor comes wafting into the house, the first thing I’m doing is grabbing my gallon size bottle of PureAyre and putting the dog into the bath tub to douse him.

How to remove skunk smell from a dog? Be prepared. Keep PureAyre handy at all times!

Another Great Story About Getting Skunk Smell Out of a Dog

June 23rd, 2010
getting skunk smell out of a dog

Once the dog's in the house, the skunk smell is too!

I love working for PureAyre because the stuff is truly incredible. I’m an evangelist for it, I can’t help myself. And now after looking online at what some people are doing to get rid of skunk smell, well, I pity them! Waiting for days? Spending $27 on a book full of natural ways for getting skunk smell out of dog and removing skunk smell from house? Tomato juice? Vinegar? Oh, poor souls, having to live with that skunk smell while they wait for some of these methods to work! And poor dogs too! I guess that means we have to work harder at getting the word out about PureAyre. It is by far the best method for getting skunk smell out of dog and removing skunk smell from house.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s another great story from a customer searching for a skunk odor remover for dogs who found PureAyre:

“I can only summarize my feelings in one way: thank God for science, and thank God for PureAyre. After my dog got sprayed by a skunk, I was in a state of utter distress. After he got sprayed, he came in the house, tracking the odor all over the house and even getting it on my other dog. The house smelled, the dogs smelled, and so did I. After trying a couple of home remedies, I decided to get online and see what was out there as far as a commercial product. After a little bit of searching, I came across a forum where a lady said her dog got skunked and PureAyre took care of the odor. Needless to say, I immediately started trying to contact someone who could help me find PureAyre locally. My search led me to a very helpful PureAyre associate who directed me to a local pet store where I could get the product. I promptly went to the store and picked up three 22oz bottles.

“As soon as I got home, I began to spray PureAyre throughout my house, on my dogs, and on myself. I used one whole bottle, then gave it a little while to work and dry. Myself and my house were skunk-odor-free after just this first application. I was amazed. I found that my dogs still retained some of the odor, but it wasn’t even strong enough to really be unpleasant. I applied more PureAyre to my dogs’ coats, and after this second application, my dogs were odor-free as well. PureAyre took a problem that could easily have lasted for weeks or months and made it disappear almost immediately. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you. –Adam”

Are you searching for help with getting skunk smell out of dog or removing skunk smell from house? You’ve found your answer. And unlike Adam, you can now buy PureAyre online from The PureAyre Store, and get expedited shipping if you need it.

Got a testimonial? Send it in! We’d love to publish it! (Include a photo too! Of the dog…not the skunk.)