Boating Season Means Stinky Boat Odors

Boating season starts soon, and that means it’s time to eliminate stinky boat odors.

Have you ever felt embarrassed when guests came aboard your spotless boat and were greeted by pungent boat odors – diesel, exhaust, bilge, head smells, and mold/mildew – yuck! You cleaned and cleaned, but you couldn’t get rid of those yucky boat odors. It’s tough because boat odors can hide in the bilge, sink drains, seat cushion fabric, carpets, curtains, in the engine bay, and even in galleys and heads.

What can you do?

First, get the boat cleaning bible by author Peggy Hall – “How to Get Rid of Boat Odors”. Then, stock up on PureAyre Marine Formula odor eliminator. PureAyre Marine Formula is 30% stronger than standard PureAyre formulas to tackle the ultra-dense odors that boat owners encounter.

  • Use it to refresh the air immediately
  • Add it to your carpet cleaning machines to
  • simultaneously clean and deodorize carpets, curtains, and seat cushions
  • Add it to your pressure washing equipment to clean and deodorize engine bays and bilges
  • Add it to your sponge bucket to eliminate odors when cleaning hard surfaces
  • Use it to eliminate stray odors when fixing macerators and other sanitary systems
  • Keep a bottle in each head to refresh after use

It’s easy to safely and permanently eliminate embarrassing boat odors with PureAyre Marine Formula. Now you really can have a happy opening day of boating season!