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Because I want to solve your odor problem! Whether you are a pet owner with doggie odors, a real estate agent with a smoky house, a fisherman with a yucky fish odor in the cab of your truck, or a property manager with an odor filled apartment, I can help. I have been working with customers solving odor problems for almost ten years. I've pretty much seen (and smelled) it all. And, I know how to use PureAyre – the most powerful yet safest odor eliminator available. If that isn't reason enough then check out
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Great prices. After your first order at ThePureAyreStore you'll receive up to 25% off all future orders during our four-times-a-year promos. And, get volume discounts. Just contact me, Rico, at .
Free shipping in the continental US. Save up to $15.00 on every order compared to other internet offers. The price you see is the price you pay. (I can offer free shipping for Alaska and Hawaii too if I can fit it into a USPS Medium Flat Rate box. For other size orders and international orders I can usually put together a great deal that works for you, too, but there will be a shipping fee.)
Money back guarantee. If you aren't delighted with PureAyre I'll personally refund your money. Call me, Rico, on my direct line,
All PureAyre products. You can get Home, Pet, Baby, and Marine formulas at ThePureAyreStore. And, you can call for special commercial formulas. I can get you what you need in any quantity for little jobs or big jobs.
Earth friendly packaging. Your PureAyre order will arrive in customer friendly AND Earth friendly packaging. Boxes have a high percentage of recycled material and are reusable or recyclable. Also, our packing peanuts are made from low static and biodegradable starch NOT high static plastic foam. Please discard in your compost or organics bin.
Special instructions for tough odor problems. Do you have a special odor problem? Let me know your tough odor problems and I'll email you special instructions. Including how to deodorize a smoky car, home, or hotel room, how to deskunk a dog, how to eliminate cat urine problems, and many more. Email for specialized instructions on how to best apply PureAyre for these and many more tough odor problems.
Personal help. Let's solve your tough odor problems! Contact me, Rico, when you need help. I'm a real person not a computer and I'm available almost any time of the day or night and weekends. I've got a degree in Chemical Engineering and years of experience helping people and businesses use PureAyre to solve tough odor control problems. Want to know how to solve a problem? Want to know if PureAyre will work on your odor? Have a special request? Just want to tell me about your odor story? Call me, Rico, on my direct line, at 253-332-7420 or email me at !

Shop now for PureAyre – an outstanding odor eliminator. Contact Rico, our odor eliminator expert, when you need help eliminating stubborn odors.