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We get a lot of testimonials and notes of thanks here at PureAyre. That's because our product really does work. People use it on cigarette odors, as a skunk odor remover for dogs, and to get rid of cat urine smell, as well as many other stinky problems.

But every once in a while, we get a real story of how PureAyre made a huge difference in someone's life, a story like this one:

"I first began using PureAyre in the late 1990s or early 2000s after suddenly finding myself bothered by many odors. At first they were household odors and odors coming from areas of flooring and walls of the house. First I used standard air fresheners and disinfectant sprays. It became apparent the artificial chemical scents from these sprays only added a new layer of stink to the existing problem and of course toxicity. But after finding PureAyre, I would spray it into various rooms and within minutes…especially with use of ceiling fan…I found rooms to be odor free, having a natural freshness.

"It turns out all my sensitivities are a result of a damaged immune system due to chronic mold exposure (also by not being properly diagnosed nor given correct treatment by my medical care provider) from a new home I purchased in the early 1990s. My home and many others built in this upscale neighborhood were defective: Flawed foundations and grading, as well as substandard materials and installation created an environment to allow mold growth under flooring and in walls.

"Though in good health, fit and trim, when I moved into this house. I soon began to develop bizarre health problems: ringing of the ears, tiny bumps at extremities, rashes at underarms chest then groin, breathing difficulties, then ear nose and throat infections. A health care provider simply indicated unknown allergies, at first prescribing a variety of allergy medications. Then a couple of years later, prescribing antibiotics. Finally I and some neighbors had paramedic rescues within weeks of each other, having similar symptoms of shock due to respiratory and or kidney problems. While others and myself survived, some did die.

"In 2003, my house was gutted sold for salvage, also losing most all contents. I lived in a Marriott Hotel until 2005 when able to purchase another new home. Attempting to start life over again has been very difficult. This society is so toxic often I cannot interact without wearing a carbon mask. And my new home environment is near sterile. I don't allow any conventional products into my home since they are toxic. Also the air quality in our valley is some of the worst in the nation. I have to battle the air entering my home. There are times when walking into areas of my home, I develop breathing problems as if I have asthma. Once again PureAyre comes to the rescue. Using a FogMaster Jr., I spray PureAyre combined with probiotics (took much research to find the correct probiotics for this use) into these areas of my home. And literally within a few minutes I am breathing free and clear… pleasant fresh air.

"My sincere thanks to the makers of PureAyre."

PureAyre works. Need I say more?