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Imagine a family's three dogs mixing it up with a pack of skunks and then bringing them and their skunky smell home! Read this real-life adventure out of the Kentucky woods.

My three dogs and I recently had a too close encounter with two skunks. We live in the country where skunks are just part of the landscape but never before had any of my dogs taken a direct hit. My golden retriever and my small shepherd mix had patches of thick yellow skunk oil on their coats. Residual skunk spray covered my clothes, hair and face. Ugh!

How I wish I had had some PureAyre on hand that first night. I could have sprayed it in my mouth and nose and saved myself a night of misery. We cleaned our dogs and ourselves the best we could and that was just the beginning of a very frustrating week. We brought skunk into the house with us. We had cleaned the dogs in our partial cellar and the odor penetrated into the crawl space under the house. The odor came up through the floors and walls and permeated the house. The skunk oil that we washed down the drain in the cellar coated the pipes and the stink came back every time the sump drained. We tried different products on the dogs and in the house. Some masked the odor temporarily and some combined with the skunk odor to create another equally noxious odor. Nothing worked until my husband talked with Rico at ThePureAyreStore.

He worked with us to get this awesome product overnighted to Kentucky and the night after we first used the PureAyre fogging system we were finally able to sleep in our own bed!

I am a firm believer that some of our best remedies can be found in nature. PureAye is turning out to be an outstanding organic solution for our tough multi-faceted problem. It is deodorizing our home, our furniture, our clothes and our dogs. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of a tough odor problem in an environmentally responsible way. [And there is no compromise between strength and safety. PureAyre is both strong AND safe.] Thanks a million PureAyre!

Barbara, Carl, Gypsy, Sadie and Tiny in Kentucky.