PureAyre is how to get skunk smell out of house, no matter how bad the skunk smell

We often hear from happy customers who use PureAyre as skunk odor remover for dogs. But we also help out people who need to get skunk smell out of their house.

Here’s a great explanation of how one family with an extensive and super smelly skunk problem used PureAyre to get skunk smell out of the house…and the cars!

“We fogged under and in the house twice now and in one bedroom closet. It has ventilation of our Jacuzzi tub which has plumbing to the underside of the house. We washed all of the clothes out and will vent and fog under the tub too. We thought that maybe one of the skunks had died underneath the house. I ended up going under and did not find a dead skunk but I did find that they had been living down there for a while. There were a lot of droppings and I found a burrow. When I put the metal skirting around the underside of the house I had cut one piece to fit over the sewer drain pipe so it had no metal under the pipe. They had dug out from under the house there and made about a 2 foot burrow and insulated it with the house insulation they could find. It was a nice burrow, it was that is.

“We also fogged the cars and it worked on both of them. I have been telling everyone that asks me about our problem what a wonderful product you have. I will continue to advertise for you. The restoration company wanted thousands of dollars yet your product works better than what they wanted to do. Thank you again.” – Carl

If you need to get skunk smell out of your house, I hope your problem isn’t as bad as Carl’s, but if it is, rest assured PureAyre Odor Eliminator will do the trick for you, just like it did for Carl. Thank you, Carl, for the great skunk smell story.

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