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How to Remove Skunk Smell From a Dog? THIS Question I’m Ready for!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
How to remove skunk smell from a dog?

I haven't had to do it yet, but thank goodness I know how to remove skunk smell from a dog, because this dog is destined to get skunked!

I moved to the country two months ago. It took a while for my dog to get used to things. He’s a 90-pound chicken. But as the days and weeks go by, he’s getting braver, wandering farther from home. And that means dealing with the first skunk run-in is only a matter of time.

Last night driving home I went past a stretch of road that stunk of skunk, just a few miles from my house. And again I thought, it’s coming. The day Bear meets his first skunk will be here soon. But I’m not worried, beyond the discomfort of the initial stink when he comes home and I realize what happened.

I’m not worried because I’m well stocked with PureAyre! How to remove skunk smell from a dog? Have this stuff on hand at all times! I have PureAyre handy because for me, it’s as much a necessity as dish soap. I put it in the laundry to get diesel smell out of my man’s clothes, in the litter box to get rid of cat urine smell so I can make the litter last longer, and in the car if something spills. I even sprayed it on someone’s stinky feet this morning! (Not mine.)

So when Bear meets skunk and that all too distinct odor comes wafting into the house, the first thing I’m doing is grabbing my gallon size bottle of PureAyre and putting the dog into the bath tub to douse him.

How to remove skunk smell from a dog? Be prepared. Keep PureAyre handy at all times!

Another Great Story About Getting Skunk Smell Out of a Dog

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
getting skunk smell out of a dog

Once the dog's in the house, the skunk smell is too!

I love working for PureAyre because the stuff is truly incredible. I’m an evangelist for it, I can’t help myself. And now after looking online at what some people are doing to get rid of skunk smell, well, I pity them! Waiting for days? Spending $27 on a book full of natural ways for getting skunk smell out of dog and removing skunk smell from house? Tomato juice? Vinegar? Oh, poor souls, having to live with that skunk smell while they wait for some of these methods to work! And poor dogs too! I guess that means we have to work harder at getting the word out about PureAyre. It is by far the best method for getting skunk smell out of dog and removing skunk smell from house.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s another great story from a customer searching for a skunk odor remover for dogs who found PureAyre:

“I can only summarize my feelings in one way: thank God for science, and thank God for PureAyre. After my dog got sprayed by a skunk, I was in a state of utter distress. After he got sprayed, he came in the house, tracking the odor all over the house and even getting it on my other dog. The house smelled, the dogs smelled, and so did I. After trying a couple of home remedies, I decided to get online and see what was out there as far as a commercial product. After a little bit of searching, I came across a forum where a lady said her dog got skunked and PureAyre took care of the odor. Needless to say, I immediately started trying to contact someone who could help me find PureAyre locally. My search led me to a very helpful PureAyre associate who directed me to a local pet store where I could get the product. I promptly went to the store and picked up three 22oz bottles.

“As soon as I got home, I began to spray PureAyre throughout my house, on my dogs, and on myself. I used one whole bottle, then gave it a little while to work and dry. Myself and my house were skunk-odor-free after just this first application. I was amazed. I found that my dogs still retained some of the odor, but it wasn’t even strong enough to really be unpleasant. I applied more PureAyre to my dogs’ coats, and after this second application, my dogs were odor-free as well. PureAyre took a problem that could easily have lasted for weeks or months and made it disappear almost immediately. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you. –Adam”

Are you searching for help with getting skunk smell out of dog or removing skunk smell from house? You’ve found your answer. And unlike Adam, you can now buy PureAyre online from The PureAyre Store, and get expedited shipping if you need it.

Got a testimonial? Send it in! We’d love to publish it! (Include a photo too! Of the dog…not the skunk.)

“How to Rid Skunk Smell” Makes for a Funny Phrasing, Stinky Smell

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
how to rid skunk smell

PureAyre is "how to rid skunk smell"

Turns out a lot of people search for a skunk odor solution using the phrase “how to rid skunk smell.” It’s funny to me, because I can only assume they are leaving out the word “get” because the smell is so bad, they are typing in a hurry, or maybe typing with one hand while they plug their nose with the other!

If “how to rid skunk smell” is the search term that got you to this blog, rest assured, you’re about to get your answer whether you’re typing with both hands or not. PureAyre Odor Eliminator gets rid of all skunk smell and odor, no matter where it is: on your dog, in your house, on your furniture, in your car. And it’s safe and all natural so you don’t have to worry about where you spray it. Heck, you can even spray it right in your dog’s mouth, if the skunk happened to get the spray there too!

We’ve had customers use PureAyre to get rid of skunk smell from attics, basements, rentals, offices, cars, homes, and, of course, dogs. It is the only thing that works! It doesn’t cover up the skunk smell, but actually gets rid of it. For good!

Need to know “how to rid skunk smell?” PureAyre. Put it in the laundry, your dog’s bath or your carpet cleaner. Spray it on your clothes, your furniture, in the air. It’s goes everywhere and anywhere to do one thing: Get rid of skunk smell!

So whether you’re typing with one hand or two, whether you’re nose is plugged and eyes watering, or you’re in a skunk smell free place, head straight to and get rid of skunk smell now!

If You Don’t Get a Skunk Odor Remover for Dogs Fast, You’ll Be Asking How to Get Skunk Smell out of the House Next!

Monday, June 14th, 2010
skunk odor remover for dogs

Dog got skunked? You need a skunk odor remover for!

People try all kinds of tricks and techniques and shampoos and home remedies and you name it to get rid of skunk smell, but there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed to work: PureAyre. And not a week goes by that we don’t get an email or phone from someone thanking us for helping them get rid of skunk smell!

Sometimes it’s because a skunk moved in uninvited. Sometimes it’s because the dog has had a stinky run in with a skunk, like the story below. And when that happens, people are desperate for a skunk odor remover for dogs, but pretty soon they realize they have another problem: how to get skunk smell out of the house!

That’s because the darn skunk smell is so pervasive as you know well if you’ve been the one searching for a skunk odor remover for dogs!

This is a great story and a real testament to the power of PureAyre as a both a skunk odor remover for dogs and a way to get skunk smell out of the house, the car, you name it…

“My husband and I were walking our black lab mix in the San Francisco bay area when it dove down into a ditch after what looked like a cat. Unfortunately, it was a skunk. When it finally came back it reeked! The only thing to do was to end our walk and get back into our car. Soon, we all reeked and our small car reeked. To make things worse our car broke down and we had to walk the rest of the way home trailing that awful smell all the way home. After researching on-line how to get rid of skunk smell I went to the store, still reeking of skunk, to buy tomato juice. Well, to make a long story shorter, it didn’t work but my dog now was red. I tried many things including shampooing the dog four times and using a female dush! Well, nothing worked. I was getting desperate because the smell from our dog was getting everywhere and my car still reeked. After checking on-line again for more help I ran across PureAyre. It so happened that a local alternative pharmacy – Elephant Pharmacy had a bottle. I learned that PureAyre uses food-grade enzymes that break apart odor causing compounds like in skunk smell. But, also, it is so safe we could use it right on our dog. It was worth a try and I’m so glad I tried it. I gave our dog a ‘bath’ in PureAyre to get it soaked into the fur. Much of the odor was gone after the first application. So, I repeated the application and the rest of the odor was gone! I used it on the doggy bed and other areas in our home and got rid of all those odors. I was so impressed that I decided to try it in the car. I had tried Febreze but it didn’t work at all and left a strong nauseating fragrance on top of the skunk smell. But, I used PureAyre all over the fabrics and surfaces and got rid of the odor including the Febreze smell. It was immediate.

“Now I use PureAyre regularly for doggy odors or anything that stinks from time to time in the house including using it in the laundry. And, now I have a baby! So, I use it in the diaper pail. I’m glad that it is so safe I can use it around my family without worry. I purchase it by the gallon now to help reduce packaging and save some money.” –Franziska

We love these skunk odor stories because we know PureAyre works! If you need a skunk odor remover for dogs, or you want to know how to get skunk smell out of your house, read a testimonial like this and you’re sure to be convinced PureAyre will do the trick!