“How to Rid Skunk Smell” Makes for a Funny Phrasing, Stinky Smell

June 23rd, 2010
how to rid skunk smell

PureAyre is "how to rid skunk smell"

Turns out a lot of people search for a skunk odor solution using the phrase “how to rid skunk smell.” It’s funny to me, because I can only assume they are leaving out the word “get” because the smell is so bad, they are typing in a hurry, or maybe typing with one hand while they plug their nose with the other!

If “how to rid skunk smell” is the search term that got you to this blog, rest assured, you’re about to get your answer whether you’re typing with both hands or not. PureAyre Odor Eliminator gets rid of all skunk smell and odor, no matter where it is: on your dog, in your house, on your furniture, in your car. And it’s safe and all natural so you don’t have to worry about where you spray it. Heck, you can even spray it right in your dog’s mouth, if the skunk happened to get the spray there too!

We’ve had customers use PureAyre to get rid of skunk smell from attics, basements, rentals, offices, cars, homes, and, of course, dogs. It is the only thing that works! It doesn’t cover up the skunk smell, but actually gets rid of it. For good!

Need to know “how to rid skunk smell?” PureAyre. Put it in the laundry, your dog’s bath or your carpet cleaner. Spray it on your clothes, your furniture, in the air. It’s goes everywhere and anywhere to do one thing: Get rid of skunk smell!

So whether you’re typing with one hand or two, whether you’re nose is plugged and eyes watering, or you’re in a skunk smell free place, head straight to www.thepureayrestore.com and get rid of skunk smell now!

Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell AND Get a House Sold? Yes!

June 17th, 2010
rid cat urine smell

Is the cat urine smell so bad your cat begs to get out?

Sometimes people use PureAyre Odor Eliminator for one odor problem, then discover it knocks out other odors too. Here’s a great PureAyre testimonial from a happy customer using PureAyre to get rid of cat urine smell, then she found out it could help sell a house too!

“I have two personal testimonials about PureAyre. I have 4 cats – in a small condo. I spray PureAyre directly on the scoopable litter when I clean out the litter box every other day. We have absolutely no litter odor. None. My daughter has a house cleaning business. She has a client with multiple dogs. The client decided to sell her house and asked my daughter to get the house ready to show. The dog odor was terrible. The house smelled like wet dog, particularly in the master bedroom. There was also some urine smell from the older dog with bladder problems. My daughter was having a terrible time getting the smell out of the house. I gave her my bottle of PureAyre and the house smells great. She left t he bottle with the home owner, the home owner sprays it every morning so the house smells fresh all day for the realtors coming through showing the house.” –Nichole, Canada

PureAyre doesn’t care what your odor is, from cat urine smell to skunk odor, from cigarette smoke to diaper pails. PureAyre Odor Eliminator will knock out your odors. You can start out using PureAyre to get rid of cat urine smell, but you’re sure to find it does much more!

Cat Urine – Removing Cat Urine Smell From Your Carpet

June 15th, 2010
Buddha creates need for cat urine removing

Cute cat, but his cat urine still stinks

What happens when your cats are too persnickety to use a soiled litterbox? You end up asking how to remove cat urine smell from carpet!

I have three cats who have been locked inside for the last 6 weeks because of baby birds outside. I also have two litterboxes that I clean several times per day (and one is huge). But if I’m gone for a few hours, or they use it during the night, I have one cat who has no problem dumping his cat urine somewhere besides the litterbox.

Thank goodness for PureAyre! When that stinker decides the litterbox is too stinky for his cat urine, removing the cat urine smell is no problem at all. I tackle the smell before I even tackle the stain, and if you’ve dealt with cat urine smell, you know why! A few spritzes of PureAyre Odor Eliminator and the cat urine smell is gone. Then I use a damp cloth to get rid of any stain, but so far, Scotchguard has kept the carpets clean.

I do love that cat, Buddha. He is a huge guy, kind of slow, maybe a little dim witted. And he sleeps on his back, as you can see in the photo. He’s super easy going, and like a rag doll when you pick him up. For him to be the one who’s the most picky about the smells in the cat litterbox cracks me up. But it means when he does pee somewhere else, it’s a big pee…because he’s a big cat.

Soon the baby birds will be big enough and the cats will go back outside. Until then, PureAyre is saving my house and my sanity!

If You Don’t Get a Skunk Odor Remover for Dogs Fast, You’ll Be Asking How to Get Skunk Smell out of the House Next!

June 14th, 2010
skunk odor remover for dogs

Dog got skunked? You need a skunk odor remover for dogs...now!

People try all kinds of tricks and techniques and shampoos and home remedies and you name it to get rid of skunk smell, but there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed to work: PureAyre. And not a week goes by that we don’t get an email or phone from someone thanking us for helping them get rid of skunk smell!

Sometimes it’s because a skunk moved in uninvited. Sometimes it’s because the dog has had a stinky run in with a skunk, like the story below. And when that happens, people are desperate for a skunk odor remover for dogs, but pretty soon they realize they have another problem: how to get skunk smell out of the house!

That’s because the darn skunk smell is so pervasive as you know well if you’ve been the one searching for a skunk odor remover for dogs!

This is a great story and a real testament to the power of PureAyre as a both a skunk odor remover for dogs and a way to get skunk smell out of the house, the car, you name it…

“My husband and I were walking our black lab mix in the San Francisco bay area when it dove down into a ditch after what looked like a cat. Unfortunately, it was a skunk. When it finally came back it reeked! The only thing to do was to end our walk and get back into our car. Soon, we all reeked and our small car reeked. To make things worse our car broke down and we had to walk the rest of the way home trailing that awful smell all the way home. After researching on-line how to get rid of skunk smell I went to the store, still reeking of skunk, to buy tomato juice. Well, to make a long story shorter, it didn’t work but my dog now was red. I tried many things including shampooing the dog four times and using a female dush! Well, nothing worked. I was getting desperate because the smell from our dog was getting everywhere and my car still reeked. After checking on-line again for more help I ran across PureAyre. It so happened that a local alternative pharmacy – Elephant Pharmacy had a bottle. I learned that PureAyre uses food-grade enzymes that break apart odor causing compounds like in skunk smell. But, also, it is so safe we could use it right on our dog. It was worth a try and I’m so glad I tried it. I gave our dog a ‘bath’ in PureAyre to get it soaked into the fur. Much of the odor was gone after the first application. So, I repeated the application and the rest of the odor was gone! I used it on the doggy bed and other areas in our home and got rid of all those odors. I was so impressed that I decided to try it in the car. I had tried Febreze but it didn’t work at all and left a strong nauseating fragrance on top of the skunk smell. But, I used PureAyre all over the fabrics and surfaces and got rid of the odor including the Febreze smell. It was immediate.

“Now I use PureAyre regularly for doggy odors or anything that stinks from time to time in the house including using it in the laundry. And, now I have a baby! So, I use it in the diaper pail. I’m glad that it is so safe I can use it around my family without worry. I purchase it by the gallon now to help reduce packaging and save some money.” –Franziska

We love these skunk odor stories because we know PureAyre works! If you need a skunk odor remover for dogs, or you want to know how to get skunk smell out of your house, read a testimonial like this and you’re sure to be convinced PureAyre will do the trick!

Trying to Get Skunk Smell Out of Your Dog? Turns Out Water Makes It Worse!

June 4th, 2010

If your dog has skunk smell, water will make it worse!

I’ve been reading a fascinating book called “Owls Aren’t Wise and Bats Aren’t Blind” by Warner Shedd. He’s a naturalist who takes on the myths we have about north American wildlife and tells the truth instead. I highly recommend it.

I just finished reading the section on skunks. Shedd says the latin name for skunk is Mephitis mephitis and that mephitis comes from the Latin word for a noxious stench…which is definitely skunk smell! And the fact that the word was used twice in the Latin word to emphasize just how bad skunk smell is!

Of course the author talks about skunk odor and dogs stinking of skunk smell, because none of that is myth, which you already know if you’ve ever had to get skunk smell out of a dog!

But I didn’t know water made it worse. Here’s what Shedd says:

“One of the worst features of skunk spray is its longevity. Despite repeated baths in one or more of the recommended antidotes to skunk spray, such as tomato juice or vanilla extract, the odor keeps returning for weeks whenever it’s damp or wet. This is because certain very persistent compounds in skunk spray break down in the presence of water to produce the characteristic skunk odor.”

Water makes it worse? Egads! One thing you can count on if you have a dog: it will get wet! So if your dog has had a run in with a skunk and you think you got the skunk smell out of your dog, you might find out you really didn’t the next time it splashes in a puddle or goes out in the rain!

If you’re asking “how do you get skunk smell out of your house” or “how to get skunk smell out of a dog,” I only have one answer for you, one Shedd didn’t know about or he would have included it in the book: PureAyre odor eliminator. Without it, you’re skunked, pardon the pun. Turns out even if you think you did get the skunk smell out of your house or dog, a little water might prove otherwise! PureAyre is the only way to permanently get rid of that skunk smell, whether it’s your dog or your house!

PureAyre is how to get skunk smell out of house, no matter how bad the skunk smell

May 20th, 2010

We often hear from happy customers who use PureAyre as skunk odor remover for dogs. But we also help out people who need to get skunk smell out of their house.

Here’s a great explanation of how one family with an extensive and super smelly skunk problem used PureAyre to get skunk smell out of the house…and the cars!

“We fogged under and in the house twice now and in one bedroom closet. It has ventilation of our Jacuzzi tub which has plumbing to the underside of the house. We washed all of the clothes out and will vent and fog under the tub too. We thought that maybe one of the skunks had died underneath the house. I ended up going under and did not find a dead skunk but I did find that they had been living down there for a while. There were a lot of droppings and I found a burrow. When I put the metal skirting around the underside of the house I had cut one piece to fit over the sewer drain pipe so it had no metal under the pipe. They had dug out from under the house there and made about a 2 foot burrow and insulated it with the house insulation they could find. It was a nice burrow, it was that is.

“We also fogged the cars and it worked on both of them. I have been telling everyone that asks me about our problem what a wonderful product you have. I will continue to advertise for you. The restoration company wanted thousands of dollars yet your product works better than what they wanted to do. Thank you again.” – Carl

If you need to get skunk smell out of your house, I hope your problem isn’t as bad as Carl’s, but if it is, rest assured PureAyre Odor Eliminator will do the trick for you, just like it did for Carl. Thank you, Carl, for the great skunk smell story.

How do you get skunk smell out of your house? PureAyre does the trick!

May 18th, 2010
how do you get skunk smell out of your house

How do you get skunk smell out of your house? Only PureAyre can do it!

If you’ve been surrounded by skunk smell, you know how distracting and irritating it can be. And the faster you can get rid of that skunk smell, the better!

My worst experience with skunk smell in my house was when a skunk moved in under the cottage I used as my office. The cottage doesn’t have a real foundation, it’s post and pier construction. So there’s plenty of room for critters to take up residence there and they do. It’s usually possums, but boy, the day the skunk moved in, I knew right away! That house was just full of skunk smell! And I had to work there!

The first thing that had to go was the skunk before I could deal with the skunk smell. Lucky for me, my neighbor accidentally trapped it in his squirrel trap. But the skunk smell stayed behind.

So how do you get skunk smell out of your house? PureAyre. Even before my neighbor trapped the skunk, I could keep the skunk smell at bay by spraying PureAyre throughout the house. I didn’t even have to work very hard at it. Just a few spritzes of PureAyre Odor Eliminator throughout the workday kept the skunk smell at bay.

Then after the skunk was trapped and gone, one more time around the house with PureAyre and I was able to get rid of the skunk smell completely!