Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell AND Get a House Sold? Yes!

rid cat urine smell

Is the cat urine smell so bad your cat begs to get out?

Sometimes people use PureAyre Odor Eliminator for one odor problem, then discover it knocks out other odors too. Here’s a great PureAyre testimonial from a happy customer using PureAyre to get rid of cat urine smell, then she found out it could help sell a house too!

“I have two personal testimonials about PureAyre. I have 4 cats – in a small condo. I spray PureAyre directly on the scoopable litter when I clean out the litter box every other day. We have absolutely no litter odor. None. My daughter has a house cleaning business. She has a client with multiple dogs. The client decided to sell her house and asked my daughter to get the house ready to show. The dog odor was terrible. The house smelled like wet dog, particularly in the master bedroom. There was also some urine smell from the older dog with bladder problems. My daughter was having a terrible time getting the smell out of the house. I gave her my bottle of PureAyre and the house smells great. She left t he bottle with the home owner, the home owner sprays it every morning so the house smells fresh all day for the realtors coming through showing the house.” –Nichole, Canada

PureAyre doesn’t care what your odor is, from cat urine smell to skunk odor, from cigarette smoke to diaper pails. PureAyre Odor Eliminator will knock out your odors. You can start out using PureAyre to get rid of cat urine smell, but you’re sure to find it does much more!

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