Cat Urine – Removing Cat Urine Smell From Your Carpet

Buddha creates need for cat urine removing

Cute cat, but his cat urine still stinks

What happens when your cats are too persnickety to use a soiled litterbox? You end up asking how to remove cat urine smell from carpet!

I have three cats who have been locked inside for the last 6 weeks because of baby birds outside. I also have two litterboxes that I clean several times per day (and one is huge). But if I’m gone for a few hours, or they use it during the night, I have one cat who has no problem dumping his cat urine somewhere besides the litterbox.

Thank goodness for PureAyre! When that stinker decides the litterbox is too stinky for his cat urine, removing the cat urine smell is no problem at all. I tackle the smell before I even tackle the stain, and if you’ve dealt with cat urine smell, you know why! A few spritzes of PureAyre Odor Eliminator and the cat urine smell is gone. Then I use a damp cloth to get rid of any stain, but so far, Scotchguard has kept the carpets clean.

I do love that cat, Buddha. He is a huge guy, kind of slow, maybe a little dim witted. And he sleeps on his back, as you can see in the photo. He’s super easy going, and like a rag doll when you pick him up. For him to be the one who’s the most picky about the smells in the cat litterbox cracks me up. But it means when he does pee somewhere else, it’s a big pee…because he’s a big cat.

Soon the baby birds will be big enough and the cats will go back outside. Until then, PureAyre is saving my house and my sanity!

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