Trying to Get Skunk Smell Out of Your Dog? Turns Out Water Makes It Worse!

If your dog has skunk smell, water will make it worse!

I’ve been reading a fascinating book called “Owls Aren’t Wise and Bats Aren’t Blind” by Warner Shedd. He’s a naturalist who takes on the myths we have about north American wildlife and tells the truth instead. I highly recommend it.

I just finished reading the section on skunks. Shedd says the latin name for skunk is Mephitis mephitis and that mephitis comes from the Latin word for a noxious stench…which is definitely skunk smell! And the fact that the word was used twice in the Latin word to emphasize just how bad skunk smell is!

Of course the author talks about skunk odor and dogs stinking of skunk smell, because none of that is myth, which you already know if you’ve ever had to get skunk smell out of a dog!

But I didn’t know water made it worse. Here’s what Shedd says:

“One of the worst features of skunk spray is its longevity. Despite repeated baths in one or more of the recommended antidotes to skunk spray, such as tomato juice or vanilla extract, the odor keeps returning for weeks whenever it’s damp or wet. This is because certain very persistent compounds in skunk spray break down in the presence of water to produce the characteristic skunk odor.”

Water makes it worse? Egads! One thing you can count on if you have a dog: it will get wet! So if your dog has had a run in with a skunk and you think you got the skunk smell out of your dog, you might find out you really didn’t the next time it splashes in a puddle or goes out in the rain!

If you’re asking “how do you get skunk smell out of your house” or “how to get skunk smell out of a dog,” I only have one answer for you, one Shedd didn’t know about or he would have included it in the book: PureAyre odor eliminator. Without it, you’re skunked, pardon the pun. Turns out even if you think you did get the skunk smell out of your house or dog, a little water might prove otherwise! PureAyre is the only way to permanently get rid of that skunk smell, whether it’s your dog or your house!

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