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Hey, Mom! How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell and Save Money on Drycleaning

Monday, September 27th, 2010
how to get rid of cigarette smell

How to get rid of cigarette smell without a trip to the cleaners? PureAyre!

My mom loves to go dancing, and it sure keeps her fit! But it also means she ends up in some stinky situations, where people are smoking cigarettes. Then the next day she has more than tired feet to deal with: She has a stinky dress too.

She could take her dress to the drycleaners, but that requires a trip, a wait and a payment. This morning as we were talking, and she said the dress was hanging in her garage because the cigarette smell was so strong, I suggested she simply spray it with PureAyre odor eliminator. (She has two cats, so she has PureAyre on hand to get rid of cat urine smell.)

She’s so used to thinking about PureAyre as her way to get rid of cat urine smell, she didn’t even think how to get rid of cigarette smell with it!

I’ve used PureAyre plenty in the past to get rid of cigarette smell in my clothes after being out, but now that so many public places are non-smoking, it’s not as big a problem as it used to be.

However, I have found that coffee shops leave an odor in my clothes! If I spend any time at a coffee shop working, I will walk out with my computer bag, my coat and sometimes my clothes smelling of coffee…and not in a pleasant way.

But PureAyre gets rid of it with one quick spray on any stinky surface! PureAyre is how to get rid of cigarette smell…but stale coffee shop smell too! And cat urine smell, and skunk smell, and cabbage cooking smell, and… You get the idea.

Buy PureAyre today to have on hand for any stinky smell, and it won’t stink for long!